We are a gym where anyone can workout without feeling intimidated, insecure, or like you aren’t in good enough shape to go to the gym. We specialize in beginner fitness and we meet you where you are at.

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I wanted to have a place where anyone can workout at without feeling intimated, insecure, or like they don't belong. I truly believe that exercising on a consistent basis is critical as we age to keep us physically strong and independent for as long as possible. The problem with most gyms is they attract those that are already physically fit and it can be an intimidating environment for those who have not exercised in a long time or ever. I created our beginner classes for this very reason because I realized there was not very many options available to those who wanted to get back into shape. Our beginner fitness classes has become who we are known for and they are our most popular class. Click here to learn more about us. 


We are located inside Kid's in Action's gym

3838 Woodland Hills Dr

Kingwood, TX, 77339

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