Due to COVID-19 we are holding all classes outdoors to maintain social distancing.
We are at Woodland Hills Elementary School in the back parking lot by the basketball courts.
2222 Tree Ln

Kingwood, TX, 77339

Our specialty is teaching classes, whether it's beginner classes or boot camp. We do one thing and we do it really well and that's teaching fitness classes. If you have never exercised or have not exercised in a long time then our beginner fitness class is perfect for you. We take things slow in our beginner classes and we obsess over proper form and movement. Every exercise we do in class can be progressed or regressed based upon your abilities. Our instructors keep a very close eye on everyone in class and will make individual modifications when necessary. We believe that proper form when exercising is more important than burning calories. If you do want a more intense and faster paced class, we also offer boot camp for those that demonstrate proper form in class and want a faster paced workout with an emphasis on proper form and movement. 


Our Team

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Orion Kester


Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach

Fitness and nutrition is a big part of who Orion is, he identifies himself as someone who will always exercise and eats nutritiously, but who also knows when to let loose and enjoy life. Orion lives in Kingwood with his beautiful wife and young daughter. Orion is extremely passionate about health and fitness. Orion's vision is to create a family atmosphere where all members, no matter their fitness level, feel safe and comfortable at.

Brenda Holmes

Certified personal trainer

Hola, I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. I am a busy parent and worker during the daytime, and understand the challenges of working, raising a family and finding time to build YOU! I believe in Fitness as a way of life, and it became a reality for me in 2014 when I received my Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Then, on March 2019 I became a Certified Personal Trainer resolved to get others actively involved in my quest for Fitness.

I enjoy Martial Arts and currently practice Krav Maga, Kickboxing, as well as Tang Soo Do. I am an avid runner and love participating in competitive races and obstacle courses. Also, I enjoy Cycling and  Weight Lifting. Falling in love with Fitness, allows me to maintain an active lifestyle, a balanced home, and a healthy life in general, and I know it can help do that for you too...

Retirement Community Fitness Programs

We love our retirement communities! Helping senior citizens move and feel better throughout the day through physical exercise is our passion and expertise. As we age, exercise becomes extremely important to maintain our independence and quality of life. In our fitness classes we focus on maintaining strength, balance, coordination, and mobility all in a fun group atmosphere. If you are looking to bring group fitness classes to your retirement community Click here to contact us. We are growing, and we would love to bring our classes to you wherever you are!


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Our Headquarters PO Box

4025 Feather Lakes Way


Kingwood, TX 77339

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