• No obligation

  • No credit card required

  • A $49.50 value

  • Normally priced at $99 a month for a 12 week program

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What do I get?


  • You get an app for your smart phone

  • Personalized training program for your goals

  • Calendar with your assigned workouts

  • Email and app reminders sent to your phone on the days of your work out

  • A list of the prescribed work outs with instructions and videos

  • In app communication with me

  • Someone to hold you accountable

  • Your own personal trainer to keep you motivated

Screen shots of the Trainerize app

How does this work?

  • Enter your email address here (insert email address form)

  • I will receive your email address and I will set you up with a Trainerize account

  • You will get an email invitation from Trainerize asking you to set up your account and install the app to your smart phone

  • You will fill out the consultation form, this gives me the information I need to design the program specifically for your goals

  • Within 24-48 hours I will review your consultation form and write your program

  • You will get and email and notification in the app that your program is ready and you begin working out

  • It is important you track your progress with me so I can give you feedback

  • Anytime you have a question you can send me a message within the app

  • After your 14 day trial period is over, you decide if you want to stay or go

  • If you decide to stay then we will discuss your options

  • If you decide to go then no hard feelings, you got a free 2 week work out!

Do I need access to a gym?

No you do not need access to a gym, I can customize your workout plan to bodyweight exercises only.

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