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We are located inside Kid's in Action's gym

3838 Woodland Hills Dr

Kingwood, TX, 77339

Our specialty is teaching classes, whether it's beginner classes or boot camp. We do one thing and we do it really well and that's teaching fitness classes. If you have never exercised or have not exercised in a long time then our beginner fitness class is perfect for you. We take things slow in our beginner classes and we obsess over proper form and movement. Every exercise we do in class can be progressed or regressed based upon your abilities. Our instructors keep a very close eye on everyone in class and will make individual modifications when necessary. We believe that proper form when exercising is more important than burning calories. If you do want a more intense and faster paced class, we also offer boot camp for those that demonstrate proper form in class and want a faster paced workout with an emphasis on proper form and movement. 

Our Family




Improved health

Your health is our #1 priority and we take it very seriously. We want you around for a long time and we will show you a thing or two to live a healthier life.

Full body strength

Our classes will have you feeling strong and confident again. We work the entire body at every class. We're less focused on burning the most calories and more focused on building strength that carries over to everyday life.

Join our family

Become part of our family and build long lasting friendships. Our community is very important to us and we often have get togethers outside of the class setting.

Classes made for beginners

We design our classes for those who are brand new to exercise or have not exercised in a long time. Our classes are small so we can modify the workouts to your needs. We are a judgement free class and we welcome all.

Why you should join us

We polled our current members to see why they stay with us. Here’s what they had to say:

I love the fact that every workout is different, Orion and Leslie are always changing the workouts to keep it fun. I also like that we work arms just as much as we work legs. I always feel accomplished after every workout, I feel like I did something but I am not completely exhausted.

Orion and Leslie are very supportive, they have the perfect mix of pushing you but not yelling in your face. They are always very accommodating and can change the workout that best suits me. If I can’t do an exercise they give me a different one to try.

The coaches are very good at making sure I am always doing the exercises correctly and giving me pointers to do them better.

I have lost weight but I have also gotten stronger, I notice this during my everyday life. Everything from grocery shopping to playing with my kids has gotten a lot easier.

I couldn’t even do one push-up when I came to class, now I can easily do 20!

I love the community and how everyone cheers me on during class. I have made a lot of friendships with other members in the class and I look forward to seeing them at class.

I have tried working out at the gym and home before and it never worked. I just cannot workout by myself, that's why I love Orion's Fitness is because of the group workouts.

So, what are you waiting for? Come out and join us!

​Every participant must sign a waiver form. Click here to sign our online waiver form.

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