Client Success Stories


Doing the challenge with Orion's fitness was really exciting and fun. I regularly got new email updates with fitness journals and other health and exercise related journals. They were awesome to read and kept me on track during the days when I felt like avoiding exercise or the better meal choice. I'm really glad I had the chance to participate, Orion's fitness was a great help and benefit in assisting me with loosing 9.1 lbs !

Amrrit -

At first I was skeptical to try the program because it was online, however I quickly realized this program was perfect for me. I could work out anywhere and anytime I wanted to. I was never alone with Orion's help and guidance, when I needed anything I messaged him and he answered right away. I would recommend Orion to anyone who needs help with their nutrition and fitness. His program works because he offers accountability and motivation. I now know what I need to eat for my goals and the exercise program I need to follow.

Marci -

This program was amazing! It is perfect for someone like me. The constant reminders, tips and check-ins kept me motivated. I loved the competition factor. It really kept me going. Every time I had an unhealthy meal planned it seemed like one of Orion’s posts would pop up and I would reevaluate my choices. That alone helped me reach my goal. I had a group of people from the same nursing program that participated and seeing them and hearing their progress made me want to well too.  Thank you Orion for helping me and I will be participating in many more challenges until I reach my fitness and weight loss goals!

Tayla -

I know I am not the only one that has struggled for years with weight loss. I get motivated, I eat well, and work out for a day or so, and then that motivation just disappears. A couple weeks go by, and then I regret not sticking with it, and the whole process starts over again. With Orion's challenge, I lost 15 pounds in the challenge, and have continued to lose more since then. I plan to continue doing these challenges, the way Orion sets things up, you are reminded that you're not the only one with these battles. You are reminded to keep going. You get reminders to keep pushing forward. Orion has helped me to learn how to keep motivated and I have learned how to lose weight the healthy way.


Tatiana -

Thank you Orion for setting us up with this challenge! Having a Facebook page with everyone included and being able to communicate with one another made it so much better than ones I've done before! I found the nutrition and fitness posts you shared and emailed very informative and useful. I am glad I exceeded my goal and I couldn't have stuck to it without the encouragement of you and the others in the group! Thanks so much, I look forward to doing it again! 🙂


Lizzy -

Let’s admit it, everyone has tried to lose weight on their own and sometimes it just doesn't work. With the help of Orion's fitness challenge, I achieved my goals and learned so much about myself. In the process of doing so I learned so many things that will help me physically and mentally take better care of my body. I like this challenge, because it does motivate you to progress further. Any time I needed clarification or had any concerns, Orion was right there to help and guide me in the right direction even 1,400 miles away. His blog's and constant daily reminders really did make all the difference. I was always so apprehensive to have a trainer but having a trainer that understands your weight struggles and still positively motivates and encourages you to keep going takes the worry away. You go through this challenge with other people that are in the same situation with you, and they help push you to do better as well. I would recommend his training program to anybody that is ready to make a change. What is there to lose? I can't wait to do it again.


Orion -

I lost 35+ pounds by exercising, eating nutritiously, and consistency. I have kept the weight off for more than 4 years now and I never plan on going back to the person I used to be. I did not like my body, I was ashamed of it and I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I finally had enough and decided to change my life. During the journey I realized I love fitness and I love helping others achieve their own fitness goals. I decided to create Orion's Fitness so I could help as many people as possible. I love being a personal trainer, coach, and a mentor. It makes me so happy whenever one of my clients achieves their goals.


Lisa –

I had a baby two years ago.  I have been running but not really anything else, and was finding that I couldn't tone my stomach, legs and lose the last of baby fat. I decided to seek help from Orion two months ago.  I was skeptical and intimidated to use a personal trainer and I have never used one until now.  From the beginning, I have trusted Orion and felt comfortable with his style.  I have gained trust in the feedback and guidance he gives me.  He has been completely supportive, motivational, and provides accountability when I don't want to work out.  After the first month, I started seeing results.  To date, I have lost 2.5% body fat and inches from my arms, back, stomach, and thighs. Orion varies the workouts to keep it from getting boring.  I intend to keep him as a trainer to help attain my goals and then maintain once I do. I have recommended Orion to my best friend and would recommend him to anyone wanting to see real results.


Shawn -

I had the opportunity to train with Orion's Fitness and was immensely satisfied with my results and the training regimen Orion set up for me.  Within two weeks I noticed a difference in my strength and was actually able to do more reps than I ever thought I could do. Orion takes his time and designs workouts to fit your specific needs, not a one size fits all. Thank you Orion you get an A+ for your training.


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