Owner, CEO

Fitness and nutrition coach, boot camp instructor

Everyone has a hobby and mine is exercise

I’m just a regular person like you, I am a son, a husband, a father, a brother, and a friend. I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else, except I have a passion for fitness. I love anything and everything about it, I eat it, breathe it, and sleep it. My life is focused around being in good shape and staying healthy, exercise is a part of who I am and it is as routine to me as brushing my teeth every day.


I wasn’t born this way, I used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle. I was overweight, I was sedentary, I smoked, I drank, and I ate fast food all the time. I did not take care of myself and one day I decided to make a change and I have never looked back. I dropped some weight but I was still not in great shape because I was not consistent with my nutrition and exercise. Everything changed when I met my wife, she was training for her first marathon and this was such an inspiration to me. I can remember how mind boggling it was to hear her say I just ran 13 miles, I didn't see how this was possible. I started making a change to my health, I exercised more, made healthier food choices, stopped drinking, and I quit smoking. For me fitness and health turned into a lifestyle and not a 30 day fad. It has not been an easy journey, I have had a couple of setbacks but I keep pushing forward day by day to be better than I was yesterday.


My approach to personal training is avoiding injury while getting you physically fit. Before I became a personal trainer I only thought I knew how to work out, I figured it it was a workout in Muscle magazines then it must be legitimate. Doing these advanced exercises without getting the basics down first developed muscle imbalances in my body and I ended up tearing both ACL's in my knees. I have had them repaired but I still feel them when I push myself in the gym or on a run, they are a constant reminder for me to always go back to the basics and make sure I do not have any imbalances. I carry this over into my training because I do not want my clients to suffer the same fate I have.