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Are you drinking enough water?

Water is very important, our bodies are made up of 60% water, that's alot! Did you know if you consume an adequate amount of water your body will benefit by:

Endrocine gland function improves

Fluid retention is alleviated

Liver functions improve, increasing the percentage of fat used for energy

Natural thirst returns

Metabolic functions improve

Nutrients are distributed throghout the body

Body temperature regulation improves

Blood volume is maintained

If you are not properly hydrated you run the risk of being dehydrated and this is scary stuff:

Your blood volume decreases

Decreased performance

Decreased blood pressure

Decreased sweat rate

Increased core temperature

Water retention

Increased heart rate

Sodium retention

Decreased cardiac output

Decreased blood flow to the skin

Increased perceived exertion

Increased use of muscle glycogen

You should drink anywhere from half and ounce to an ouce of water per pound of bodyweight, the more active you are the ration should be closer to 1:1. An easy trick to drink more water is to add just one more cup a day of water, and the next week add another cup of water. By the time you know it in several weeks you will be drinking the required amount of water!

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