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8 foods which are awesome for you but aren't overpriced

Are you looking for the good ole superfoods but you can’t afford the price tag on them? Eating these superfoods is great but what if you are on a budget? Organic food is more expensive but there are options out there which are more budget friendly.

1. Peanuts are a great choice and if you find the unsalted or lightly salted store brand version this can be a bargain.

2. Black beans are great for the heart and have lots of Omega 3's. They are also packed with protein and fiber.

3. I love to put berries in my shakes because they are high in antioxidants, but fresh berries in the produce isle can be overpriced. Instead I opt out for the store brand frozen berries.

4. There are a lot of so called super juices like acai, pomegranate, blueberry but be careful because they also have a lot of sugar. You can substitute this for water, and you can add fruit like oranges, lime, lemon to give it some extra flavor.

5. Canned Tuna is an excellent alternative to expensive fish. You can get the low sodium Tuna and you can also buy the Tuna packed in water. Tuna has 2.5 grams of the good fat (unsaturated fat). Tuna is also packed with the good stuff like Omega 3's, and B vitamins.

6. Kale is awesome but it can also be a bit pricey. You can substitute it for any dark green leafy vegetables. Turnip, mustard, and collard greens are a good alternative and are cheaper. Make sure you do rinse them off before eating them though.

7. Carbs are good for you but make sure you are eating the right carbs. Anything brown and whole wheat are great carbs. Make sure you try to avoid any white carbs. Carbs are proven to help keep you fuller longer, but practice moderation when eating carbs.

8. Grass fed beef, bison, and Kobe beef are expensive. Sure they are great for you but for a bargain you can buy poultry instead. Breast meat chicken is a great source of protein, as well as lean beef, and turkey. Eggs are also great for you. Tofu can be another option especially if you are a vegetarian.

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