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Asthma and exercising, can it help?

At least 30 minutes a day of physical exercise may be just what the doctor ordered for clients who have Asthma.

Concordia University in Montreal conducted research on exercise and Asthma. They have phone interviews with 643 patients who have Asthma. The clients were asked a multitude of questions regarding the physical activity over the previous year. They focused on their physical activity during various seasons throughout the year.

The results the researchers found was pretty impressive, they found the patients who exercised regularly had better control over their symptoms cause by Asthma.

The results also showed increased Asthma symptom control in the group which participated in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. Compared to those who did not do any exercise the patients who did exercise had at least 2.5 time more control over their symptoms.

They also studied exercising during different times of the year. Those who exercised in the later part of the year seemed to have better control over their symptoms then during the summer. The reason for this is not understood, but the numbers show that exercise during the winter yielded better control than the summer.

They believe those who exercised during the winter were exercising all year long and this could be a reason why they have better control over their Asthma compared to those who exercised during the summer.

So it goes to show that consistent exercise has many beneficial factors. Get out and move!

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