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Online Personal Training Benefits

When you step in the gym do you feel confused by all of the different equipment? Which one do I use, which one do I use first, how do I lift this thing, how much weight should I use? These are all excellent questions and they are the same ones a lot of people ask so what do you do? You either make your way to the machines which shows the body part used and instruction on how to use the machine, or you head over to the cardio and jump on the treadmill or bike. I personally do not like machines because it limits you in one range of motion, you do not use any stabilizer muscles in your body because it is fixed. Training the stabilization muscles in your body is very important for everyday life because we don’t always move in one fixed position, we are always changing positions and if our stabilizer muscles are strengthened then we are at risk of injury. Treadmills are great if you are training for endurance or cardio, but you need to be doing some strength training as well. Let’s face it, eventually doing nothing but the treadmill everyday gets mind numbingly boring.

This is where online personal training is perfect, because you have a certified personal trainer who has studied movement and specializes in exercise programming. You will do a consultation where the personal trainer finds out your medical history, daily repetitive movements, your goals, and if you have any muscle imbalances. Then he or she will put together an exercise program for you to do, some will send you a spreadsheet with pictures while others have a smart phone application with schedules, videos of the movements, communication and feedback as well as tracking. All you do is go to the gym, pull out your phone (which most people do nowadays anyway) and work out. The beauty of it is you always have a personal trainer to talk to and ask questions at your fingertips.

If you have a very busy schedule and you are not able to make your personal trainers schedule at the gym then more often then not your are out of luck. Maybe you can only work out at midnight or 3:30 am, you probably will not be able to find any personal trainer willing to work these hours with you. If you do then they really like you a lot! Or maybe you can go to the gym at 5:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but your trainer already has these spots filled. This is where online personal training has a huge advantage; you can work out anytime you wish, all you have to do is pull out your phone and you have the work outs with instructions right there.

Online personal training is more affordable than in person training. More often than not you will pay roughly $40-50 an hour for a personal trainer. For some people this is just not an option no matter how many monthly expenses you cut out. Face to face training is not cheap, but the reality of it is most people cant afford it. Online personal training is a lot more affordable because the trainer does not have to block out a certain time of their day to meet you and they don't have to pay the overhead cost of the training facility.

So now you know the benfits of online personal training, so what are you waiting for?

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