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What’s so great about boot camps anyways

If you have never participated in a boot camp or a group work out, you might be missing out. I run a boot camp in Kingwood TX at the local Town Center Park and we have a lot of fun. We are not cooped up in the gym running mindlessly on the treadmill, we aren’t pedaling our butts off in spin class, we aren’t having to wipe someone else’s sweat off the machine we want to use, and you won’t find us standing in line to use a machine.

What you will find; is a team coming together to complete an exercise, you will find us sweating, you will find us getting some sunshine and fresh air, and you will see us having a lot of fun doing it. The work outs aren’t easy, they can be difficult to finish but you are not alone like you are in the gym, you have your team mates rooting you on and pushing you to finish.

My boot camp in Kingwood TX is challenging but you DO NOT have to be in great shape to participate, all fitness levels are welcome. I have designed every exercise with the ability to regress it or progress it based upon your abilities. I have also designed the boot camp to work your upper body and lower body equally, while your upper body is resting your lower body is working. This will give your entire body a good work out while not overloading one body part.

I also incorporate interval training into every session. Interval training is periods of high intensity followed by periods of low intensity. We will get your heart rate pumping and then do an exercise to let your heart rate recover. This has been proven to be the best way to lose fat in the shortest amount of time, it also puts your metabolism into an afterburner effect the rest of the day trying to recover from the work out you did. Why is this great? Because you will burn calories even after the work out is over.

If you have a competitive nature then you will be right at home, there’s a thing about competition and it will push you further and harder than you ever would when you are working out by yourself. You will push a little bit harder and go a little bit faster to try to one up your partner. In doing this you will also be improving your own capabilities, strength, and burn more calories in the process

The next time you are in Kingwood TX or if you are a local resident come out and join us, the first session is always on us!

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