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Struggling with motivation?


For most, it’s just something we can’t get enough of. We’re all struggling with it. But we often forget that it’s the mindset that truly matters because motivation is something that comes in waves and fades away before you know it.

So here’s how you can “motivate” yourself to consistently workout (why the””? you’ll know!)

1. Carrot and the stick

We often complain about how high these online trainers and gym memberships charge us. But this actually benefits both parties. When you put something on the line or you can say when you’ve got a carrot dangling in front of your head, you tend to be more consistent. You think twice before cheating on your meals and your reps to get your money worth. So you’re basically paying for something far more inceptional-your lack of motivation.

Set yourself up to workout by putting something on the line or by rewarding yourself with something once you reach a fitness goal and make sure these rewards are more on the materialistic side(new gym clothes, ice cream,etc) because that’s how the brain works.

2. How to set goals?

We usually set goals when we feel motivated. Most people go wrong here because they tend to set big goals of the final result they want to achieve-I want to lose fat/build muscle- instead of setting small goals that will actually lead to the final result-drink less aerated drinks, eat less carbs, cutoff sugar,etc. This way your goals may seem more approachable and achievable.

3. Don’t think

When the time comes to go out and workout, you just do it (Shia LaBeouf voice). Don’t fight battles inside your head. Don’t have internal debates with the excuses you’re trying to give to yourself. Just shut your brain off and show up for your training. Half of your work is done there just by showing up.

And this is where the whole thing contradicts itself. “Motivation” does not even exist (the “” make sense?). In short-it’s fleeting. It’s just something that gets you started, discipline keeps you going. In other words, discipline is the fuel that inflames the spark of motivation. Stop thinking so much and be devoted enough to show up consistently until this becomes a habit. It’s like going to your job. We go to that regardless of how we feel or whether we're "motivated" to or not.

Motivation is cultivated from the inside through discipline so don’t go around looking for it. Once you are identified as someone who works out by yourself and others, you cross a mental barrier. And that’s when you realize that “there is no secret ingredient. It’s just you!”-PO, Kungfu Panda

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