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Anything is possible if you put your mind to it

The world is full of thousands upon thousands of cynical people whining about how anyone with a good physique is on steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Why are we discrediting the hard work they put in? Why can’t we look at these fitness models or natural bodybuilders as role models or as individuals who give us hope? It is true that there are many fake naturals out there, but at the same time there are many people out there in the fitness industry who are completely natural and have an extra-ordinary physique. And yes the truth is you may never look exactly like the models you see on the covers of fitness magazines even if you follow every single aspect of their diets and workouts. You may look better or unfortunately worse (GENETICS!!). But that is something that is not under your control and never let your genetics bother you. Just strive to be the best version of yourself and reach your genetic potential.

There are two major problems we’re dealing with every single day that are stopping us from achieving that dream physique. The problem is, without even knowing we start walking on the wrong track. What’s this wrong track? Cigarettes, alcohol, psychedelics, unhealthy eating habits or any kind of extreme addictions which may also include your addiction to your phone, your television, social networking, etc. What’s the correct track? You already know it. If you are aiming to achieve that suave fitness model body you need to eat right, workout consistently and be more conscious about the decisions you’re making everyday that will bring your closer to your dream physique. You need to focus on this one thing for now if it means so much to you. If you give up on your dream of being shredded like a fitness model due to other commitments in your life, how can you be so sure that you won’t give up on those other commitments sooner or later?

So how can you stay focused when you’re on this journey to achieve the perfect body?

Find your reason

The truth is that you don’t have a good enough reason to workout and achieve the ideal physique. Your ‘I want to look to look good naked’ will soon change to ‘I guess I’m just fine how I am.’ Your ‘I’ll stop eating crappy foods’ will change to ‘I’m just doing fine eating all this junk, so I’ll be fine in the future. ‘Your mind is so used to these negative thoughts that it will need a very strong and deep reason to change these unhealthy habits. Otherwise why would you even bother to bring about these changes? Life still goes on doesn’t it?

Have you ever wondered why so many of these fitness celebrities on social networking websites were skinny or extremely fat before they transformed their bodies? The reason behind this is that these people had a burning desire to transform themselves because of the challenges they faced every single day. And it’s not just these people. Any physical transformation has a story and very strong reason behind it. So now you have to make a choice. A choice between the pain of staying focused to follow a diet and a workout plan or the pleasure of wasting time with distractions, and unhealthy habits. Your answer lies in an old clichéd saying in the bodybuilding world



A philosophy professor filled an empty glass jar with rocks in front of his class and asked his students if the jar was completely full. The whole class confidently agreed that it was. He then poured pebbles into the same jar and these pebbles filled up the voids between the rocks. He then asked the class again if the jar was full or not. The students were amused now and were sure that the jar was full. But the professor didn’t stop. He now poured sand inside the jar and now the jar was finally full.

Now if you start filling up this jar with sand instead from the beginning, you’ll have nothing but a jar full of sand. There will be no space for the rocks and the pebbles. The same can be applied to our lives. We’re filling our lives with sand (things that don’t have much value). We don’t have enough time to workout or eat healthy because we don’t give these enough priority. We prioritize things like watching the latest episodes of your favorite T.V series or going out drinking every weekend with friends. Once you start prioritizing things that actually matter, they soon start replacing other things that don’t matter much. Prioritize your fitness goals!!

The choice is yours…Try focusing on the right path for once and see the amazing changes it will lead to or just let things remain the way they are and live a life that is just average and disappointing.

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