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John eliminated his low back pain in 2 weeks

For many years John had low back pain, every time he got up he would grab at his back and wince because it was sore and stiff. Getting out of bed in the morning was always a struggle, he would waddle to the bathroom in a hunched over position until he was finally able to straighten his back. John had this for so long that he just figured he was getting old and this is how getting old feels, keep in mind he is only in his 40’s.

When John and I had our consultation his low back pain was brought up, he said he would love it if he could get rid of his low back pain. This was one of his goals to wake up with energy and not have to waddle over to the bathroom hunched over. I knew what I needed to do with John to help alleviate his low back pain. I knew his core and stabilizer muscles were weak as well as his glutes and hamstrings. I also knew that John never stretched and adding stretches into his exercise routine would help his low back pain. In John’s first month we focused on core exercises, stabilization exercises, balancing exercises, and stretching. He did a lot of planks, bridges, single leg movements, and core exercises. These exercises may seem relatively easy to do, however if you have a weak core I guarantee you will be exhausted at the end.

During our second weekly check in phone call, John was thrilled to announce that his low back pain was almost completely gone, when he woke up in the morning he no longer hunched over and wobbled to the bathroom, and he had more energy than he can remember. He said he couldn’t believe it and figured it would come back but it never did. John continued with me through my 12-week program and his low back pain never came back. John was amazed that some simple sounding exercises could make the pain go away in a couple of weeks. I told John it was because his core was weak so his back was taking the brunt of the load when the muscles should have been taking over. Throughout John’s 12-week program I made sure I always included stretching and a core exercise. If you suffer from low back pain, I would encourage you to do exactly what John did. You may be amazed that it goes away for you too.

Don’t let low back pain control your life, you can take your life back. If you need help designing a fitness and nutrition plan, then I would love to help you. Email me at or call me at 832-794-2195 to schedule a consultation. Learn more about my fitness and nutrition coaching program by visiting

Watch our short video to learn more about our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching program.

Talk to you soon,

Coach Orion

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