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What Susy did to throw away the anti-depressants

When Susy reached out to me and we discussed her goals I could tell she was lacking self-esteem and there was something she was desperately seeking. Susy never came out and said she was depressed and even when we discussed the medication she was taking she did not tell me she was taking antidepressants.

When we got further into her goals I asked her if she was depressed and she told me no. I never asked her again about it because I felt she did not want me to know. Susy never came out and told me she was depressed until 4 months later into her program, when she told me her doctor told her she does not have to take her antidepressants anymore.

I knew that if Susy started exercising consistently she would start to feel better about herself and it would raise her self-esteem. Not just because she was losing the weight she wanted to lose, and not even that she was starting to look better. When you exercise your brain releases ‘feel good’ chemicals such as endorphins which trigger a feeling of positivity and ecstasy also reducing the feeling of pain (like morphine). I also knew that there is a relation between anxiety and the temperature of one’s body. Anxiety can cause alterations in the bodies temperature. When you workout, the body temperature constantly increases which can have some calming effects on the body and help relax the muscles that were tense due to anxiousness.

These were just the positive benefits going on inside of Susy’s body when she exercised. The other benefits which Susy saw was a physical transformation in her body, she was starting to get slimmer and her clothes were starting to fit looser. She was even fitting into clothes she hadn’t worn in years. Susy’s consistency became a part of her. This added a purpose to her life and she had something to look forward to every single day.

There was no magic pill I subscribed to Susy, I simply had her working out 5 times a week. 3 of those days was cardio and the other 2 days was resistance training. I also had Susy make smarter food choices. She was consuming a lot of fast food and processed food. When you initially eat these foods you feel good because they taste good. But soon after you eat them you become even more depressed because you know the food was not good for you and you ate it. When you eat whole minimally processed foods you will feel better about yourself because you made a smart choice.

Susy’s doctor told her she no longer needs to take her antidepressants as long as she sticks with her new eating habits and consistent exercise. How awesome is that? A little bit of help and guidance from a fitness and nutrition coach can literally change your life and the way you view life. Susy has been with me for a while now and she is a completely different person. Don’t let depression control your life, you can take your life back. If you need help designing a nutrition and exercise plan, then I would love to help you. Email me at or call me at 832-794-2195 to schedule a consultation. Learn more about my fitness and nutrition coaching program by visiting

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Talk to you soon,

Coach Orion

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