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What should I eat over the holidays to not gain weight? Anonymous Q&A

Anonymous Q&A

With Christmas coming up, what are some things that I should eat and not eat to help me not gain so much weight over the holidays?

Eat whatever you want to eat during Christmas, New Years, and the holidays. These are very special moments that only happens once a year with friends and family. Eating healthy should be the last thing on your mind, you should be merry and enjoy your company. These are not times to be worried about calories or what you are eating. With that said, you should practice moderation but I wouldn’t stress out about it. It’s one day and one day will not set you back, as long as the other days you are mindful of what you are eating. The day before and the day after Christmas is your day to make smarter choices with food. The day of Christmas is not the day where you are worried about what you eat. Food is social and it is a way that people come together to celebrate special moments in their lives, humans have done this for thousands of years. Enjoy your holidays and food, the next day you can get back on track. If you practice this mindset over the entire year, the holidays will not set you back and you will be a lot happier at the dinner table during Christmas.

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