What is the best exercise to get rid of the fat on the back of my arms? Anonymous Q&A

Q. What is the best exercise to get rid of the fat on the back of my arms.

A. I wish there was one specific exercise which would get rid of this area and make it a tight and toned arm, unfortunately, there is not. You can do several different exercises to build up the triceps muscles on the back of your arms but to see these muscles you need to tackle a different problem. A lower body fat percentage is what you should be concerned with first and you can’t pinpoint which areas of your body to lost fat first. Nutrition and consistent exercise will be your best friend for getting rid of the fat on the back of your arms. Be patient with yourself and understand you are playing the long game. Show up every single day and try to do just a little bit better each day. Overtime you will start dropping inches all over your body and then you will start to notice the skin tightening up.

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Coach Orion

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