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What is the best exercise to burn the most calories? Anonymous Q&A

Q: What is the best exercise to burn the most calories?

A: The best exercise to burn the most calories is the one you enjoy doing and you can do consistently without hating it and getting bored. Running burns more calories than walking but if you cannot stand running then you will not do it consistently. You may start off running several times a week, then the next week you do it a couple of times, followed by once the next week to never lacing up your running shoes again. On the other hand, if you enjoy walking and you consistently do it several times a week then walking will ultimately burn more calories than running for you! There are many forms of exercise and one exercise is not necessarily better than any other exercise. What matters is what you enjoy doing and what you will do consistently time and time again. Consistency is the most important part of getting and staying healthy. I myself, really enjoy lifting weights, I do have moments where I love to run, but I am most consistent with lifting.

Another thing to take into consideration is what your body is physically capable of doing. You may have bad knees, hips, back, or feet and walking or running is just not physically possible for you. Then you may need to look at other alternative forms of exercise that is less impactful for these body parts. For example, instead of walking or running because it hurts your knees, you could bicycle, elliptical, swim, or water aerobics.

If you already know what you enjoy doing then this is the best exercise for you, if you don’t know yet, then give them all a try and then choose your favorite one.

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Coach Orion

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