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Can Fast Food be Healthy?

My daughter’s T-Ball game ran late last night, and we didn’t have dinner prepared. It was already past bedtime and we were all hungry, our only option was fast food. We have all been in situations like this and we stare at the menu trying to find the healthiest option that fits our diets. Most choices do not fit, but if you know what to look for you can find something that works. The biggest thing to stay away from is fried foods, which most menus are fried options. You also want to stay away from the sodas and sugary drinks. Choose water or unsweet tea instead. You can put some sweeteners in the tea is you prefer. All you need is one packet! Most places will let you substitute French Fries for a side salad or they will charge you a couple dollars more. The investment is worth the price. Always use some type of vinaigrette or Italian dressing instead of ranch. Ranch is very fatty and has a lot of calories, you may as well eat the fries if you get ranch dressing. Always look for grilled options. They have less breading on them and they are not fried in vegetable oil. A good rule of thumb with fast food: the less bread the better. We all love cheese, but most places put too much cheese. Your best bet is to ask for no cheese, or you can take most of the cheese off your meal. So, can fast food be healthy? The short answer is no, it’s still highly processed foods, cooked in vegetable oil and the quality of the food is very low to keep costs down. However, if you’re in a bind and fast food is your only option, there are some things you can do to make it healthier.

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