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You can eat healthy food on a budget

At first glance eating healthy food sounds expensive with all the supplements and organic food that you must buy. You don’t need to buy any supplements at all, if you eat a wide variety of whole natural foods then you should be fine. Of course, there are scenarios where you do have a deficiency and you need to supplement but that is a different topic all together. For most people, a wide variety of whole nutritious minimally processed foods will supply your body with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs. You don’t have to buy organic either, if money is an issue.

You can buy foods in bulk, if you have a Sam’s, Costco, or warehouse membership that is even better. Go to the grocery store and buy protein in bulk, they usually give you a little discount if you buy family packs or value packs of meat. You can also buy frozen vegetables and fruit over fresh to save money. They usually have these big bags of frozen vegetables or fruit that you can buy. Just make sure they are plain and don’t have any sauces added to them. Another way to save some money is to buy the generic store brand instead of the popular brand, it’s pretty much the same thing, it might just taste slightly different.

If you are a carb eater, then you can buy big bags of potatoes and rice for relatively cheap.

You won’t be able to make fancy elaborate meals and dishes because these call for more ingredients, but if you are basic and make meals that involve very few ingredients then it can absolutely be done.

If the suggestions above still don’t fit into your budget and if eating healthy is a priority to you then you should evaluate your expenses. See if there are other areas that you are spending money on that you could cut back on in order to buy healthier foods.

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