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Break up with ultra-processed food

Break up with ultra-processed food. It’s a relationship that is selfish and only cares about itself. Ultra-processed food does not care about you and its only objective is to make you eat more of it so they can make money. It’s highly engineered to taste, look, and feel appealing. The food is so good that you almost always overeat calories just by consuming ultra-processed foods. Take a look at the ingredient label next time. It’s usually a few servings per package, but the servings are so small that most people eat the entire package and not the recommended portion size on the label. For example, compare a regular plain potato to French fries. Most people will be full after eating one plain potato, but I’m willing to bet that you can eat at least a couple of potatoes if they are French fries.

There is a lot of research and money spent to make ultra-processed foods so addicting that you keep coming back for more and spending more money on it. There is zero nutritional value for your body no matter what the package says. Don’t forget that they have entire marketing departments dedicated to make you buy their products!

I’m not saying to avoid it completely, because with modern day life and especially if you have a family, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid it completely. Just limit it as much as you possibly can and be aware of what it really is. Don’t fool yourself thinking that it is healthy or just as good as whole natural foods.

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