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Context is everything in weight loss

Context is everything in weight loss. If weight loss is a goal of yours don’t compare the amount of weight you have lost to the amount of weight someone else has lost. Don’t get discouraged when you see someone else say they have lost 2 or 3 times more weight than you have lost. Any loss is a win, no matter how small or large it is. The more that someone weighs the more weight they have to lose, and their number will be higher than someone who does not have as much weight to lose. For example, you have two females who are the same age and height. One weighs 150lbs and the other one weighs 300lbs. They both lose 10% of their body weight in 2 months. The person who originally weighed 150lbs, lost 15lbs. The person who originally weighed 300lbs, lost 30lbs. This is the reason context is important, if both people only compare the amount of weight they lost without giving details of what their starting weight was then the numbers seem drastically different. The person who only lost 15lbs would wonder what they are doing wrong compared to the other person. When in reality they are doing everything right. I do realize this is a hypothetical situation and there are many other factors that contribute to why someone loses weight, but my point is to always get context and more details when comparing how much weight you have lost compared to someone else. The next time you see someone say they lost X pounds in X amount of time, ask them for more details before comparing your numbers to theirs.

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