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How is your relationship with food?

This is probably the most important question when it comes to nutrition and the most important thing you should focus on. Whatever diet you follow does not matter if you have a poor relationship with food. It’s just like your personal relationships, you can have good relationships or you can have bad relationships. If you put good food into your body, your body will reward you with feeling good and moving better. On the contrary, if you put bad food into your body your body will feel sluggish and tired. Think about a time in your life where you ate a lot of pizza, hamburgers, or any other fast food. It probably tasted very good while eating it, but once you were done, you probably felt tired, and sluggish. All you want to do is lay down and not move. Now, think of another time, where you ate something healthy like fresh plain vegetables, and a small portion of grilled chicken or fish. You probably felt vibrant, fresh, and full of energy.

That’s just one part of the relationship with food. The bad relationship tastes good while you are doing it, but the outcome is a feeling of guilt and misery. The good relationship can also taste good while doing it and the outcome is beneficial. A good relationship should always be beneficial to both parties. If one side of the relationship is not providing any beneficial value, then the relationship needs to be evaluated and possibly ended. There are many other relationships with food that I am not qualified to talk about like eating disorders. If you do suspect that you have an eating disorder, then you should reach out to a registered dietician to get help. They are trained and qualified to give nutritional counseling.

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