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Start now, not tomorrow

I used to be a big procrastinator, I would always tell myself I will do it later, but I never do it. I’m not perfect and I still procrastinate, but I think that I have gotten better at it. I have become more self-aware and I know that when I do start to procrastinate, I will stop myself and just do it. Now, I just do whatever it is and get it done with. I feel a lot more accomplished and proud of myself that I did and now I can move onto something else.

I will start tomorrow, I will start on Monday, I will start next month, I will start on New Year’s. We all have said at least one of those concerning exercise and dieting. Even worse, we all have probably delayed it again once the specified time period arrived. I overslept, I didn’t have my headphones, I didn’t have my favorite workout shirt, I didn’t meal prep, so I’ll start again next Monday.

Stop putting it off and procrastinating, start now. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. You can get up and go for a walk, you can eat a salad, or you can drink some water. You don’t have to have everything perfectly planned out in order for you to improve your fitness and nutrition. Make one small simple change right now and keep making small simple changes. Overtime these small changes will add up to huge results.

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