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Eat more real food instead of food-like products

Eat more real food instead of food-like products. The next time you walk into the grocery store make a mental note of how many food-like products there are compared to real food. Depending on the grocery store it could be half or even up to 90% of the products are food-like. What is a food-like product? It is a product that is manufactured by a company that is quick, easy, and delicious. Most of the times the food-like product looks nothing like the foods original form. For example, a potato chip looks nothing like a potato. A breaded chicken nugget looks nothing like raw chicken breast. Cereal looks nothing like raw natural grains.

Food-like products are chemically engineered to be highly palatable so you will eat a lot of them therefore making the company profit. These companies spend a lot of money on research and development to make a product that has the perfect taste, perfect crunch, perfect texture, perfect smell, perfect look, and perfect feel. They have entire marketing departments dedicated to polls and studies to find out what literature they can put on their package for you to buy it. They spend tons of money on advertising to get you to buy their products. These food-like products do not have your best interest in mind no matter what they say on their package. Their only goal is to make a profit.

I’m not saying to never eat food-like products because that is pretty much impossible. I challenge you to eat real food more often and food-like products less often. I eat food-like products, but most of what I eat is real food. Just be mindful and aware of what you are eating. Don’t fool yourself because something that is written on a package says it “all natural”. If it has more than 1 ingredient then it’s not natural, no matter what the package says. Real food is satiating, meaning it will keep you fuller for longer. Real food has important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Real food doesn’t have all the extra added fats, sugars, and sodium like food-like products does. Real food is better for your long-term health.

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