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Fitness is a journey that never ends

Fitness is a journey that never ends. Fitness should not be viewed in 28 days, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, or 1-year terms. Fitness is for the rest of your life. Sure, it’s an excellent idea to have certain short-term plans like a 12-week program, but it doesn’t end after the 12-week program. Choose another program to follow once it’s done. In fact, it’s important to change up your exercise routine after a certain amount of time so that way you don’t hit a plateau. Your body will eventually adapt to the same exact exercises done day after day and you will stop progressing at one point.

The important part is that you don’t stop once your program is completed. If you do stop and you go back to the same thing you were doing before the program, then eventually your results will slowly fade away. The same holds true for dieting, you follow a diet for a certain amount of time and then what? What do you do once the diet is over? Hopefully, you don’t go back to the exact same eating habits as you did before the diet. Hopefully, you eat a well-balanced diet of whole, nutritious, minimally processed foods as much as you can. Just don’t stop! Keep up your good habits. Change your exercise routine. It can be something as simple as lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions, or lighter weights for more repetitions. It could be running instead of bicycling. It could be a different type of class if your current class doesn’t already change up the exercises. You can walk faster or walk hills. The possibilities are endless, try many different things, just never stop!

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