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Simple Self-Care Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, a lot falls on you to get things done. It eventually becomes a part of who you are — pitching to new clients, putting in late nights, and, all in all, positioning yourself for success. Work takes priority over relaxation and sleep, and sooner than later, you'll realize that you've entirely ignored self-care. However, it's necessary to take care of yourself, if only to improve your mental and physical health, which, in turn, will help you function in business better. Consider these practices to go far personally and professionally.

Commit to An Exercise Plan

As a busy entrepreneur, it’s easy to let exercise fall by the wayside. However, committing to a regular routine of physical activity is important for your mind and body, and it should be a priority. If you’re at a loss on where to start, connect with Orion’s Fitness. Whether it’s a group activity or personal coaching, Orion’s Fitness can help you find the right routine to keep you moving and motivated.

Break Up Your Routine

Daily life and work can become tedious, especially if you're working from home. We are creatures of routine and habit, but it can revitalize us to break up the work with short relaxing activities. Take breaks often and go for a walk, do some stretches, or even take a nap.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Practicing gratitude and using various relaxation methods keep your mental space and energy open to the positive. Write down three things you're grateful for every day upon waking up to get the energy flowing. Practice mindfulness, which is a way of actively minding your thoughts and emotions so you can re-situate how you respond to situations as they occur. Other relaxation techniques include breathwork, meditation and yoga. As added benefits, you can expect improved sleep, reduced stress, decreased chronic pain, better focus and mental clarity, etc.

Don't Try to Do It All

Productive people know how to make the most out of the resources they have. When you run your venture, find the resources to assign or outsource tasks you're not that great at. This way, you'll have more time to improve your company, put your own skills to better use, and have some well-deserved time off to focus on self-care.

Try to see if there are intelligent solutions to your pain points: Is there a way to automate that particular task? Things like payroll and routine invoicing can easily be automated. Also, be willing to cover the costs of having someone help you, such as a marketing professional, a virtual assistant, graphic and web designers — the list goes on.

If you’re just getting started, a formation service will also come in handy in forming your business. When deciding a business structure, make sure to choose one that provides you several advantages. Also consider registering your operation as a DBA (“doing business as”), which gives you flexibility in branding and is a great idea when it comes to your marketing strategy. A service like ZenBusiness can take the burden off your shoulders as you register your business paperwork with the state.

Entrepreneurs Need Self-Care for Success

It's possible to work long hours and still have a fulfilling and healthy personal life if you include self-care practices in your days, weeks, and months. Heed these tips, adopt them into your routine, and see the positive changes unfold!

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